A mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place, no one else can take. 

A mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place, no one else can take. 


Do you believe that being a mother is the toughest job that you will ever love?

A mother is cast into the role, willingly or unwillingly, and from that moment forward, her entire existence is myopically concentrated around her children. 

It is on many days, a thankless task. There are so many responsibilities that are parental, custodial, physical, mental and emotional as to dwarf the job description of most commercial jobs.  In the course of the experience, you discover strengths you never knew you had while simultaneously dealing with fears that you never knew existed.

The role of mother is an unpaid profession, but ultimately yields the highest rewards. 

A mother is tasked with all of the supervisory duties combined with the emotional support and generating a continuous stream of encouragement, across the entire spectrum of a child’s activities. 

The mother is continuously in contact with their offspring using communication methodologies that have yet to be truly defined, yet are unquestionably omnipresent. 

What is it specifically that connects a mother to her offspring? Is it solely a line created within DNA? Is it a communication that is running entirely on the love that a mother feels for her child or is there something even deeper that we have yet to identify? 

Mothers are truly the unsung heroes in society, for they are unquestionably irreplaceable, and, when a child is hurting, there is nowhere safer to be, than in their mother’s arms. The mother may sometimes feel like their world is so small, but to their little children, the mother is the entire world. 

As we look across the entire spectrum of the animal kingdom, we find indomitable evidence that this is true for almost all species. There is a depth of relationship between mother and child that is disparate from everything else on earth, including the relationship, that same child has with their father, no matter how close that father and child are. 

Whether you are the child or the mother, or both, I wish you the very happiest of Mother’s Days!

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Written by Brian Weiner
When I was 5 years old, I discovered that the lemon tree in the backyard + dixie cups + water and sugar and I was in business. I have been hooked on that ever since. In 1979, I borrowed $14,000 to create a brand new product... photographic greeting cards with no text on the inside, called Paradise Photography. That was the start of The Illusion Factory. Since then, The Illusion Factory has been entrusted by all of the major studios and broadcasters with the advertising and marketing of over $7 billion in filmed, live, broadcast, gaming, AR, VR and regulated gaming forms of entertainment, generating more than $100 Billion in revenue and 265 awards for creativity and technology for our clients. When I took a break from film school at UCLA to move to Hawaii, my mother did not lecture me. Instead, she took 150 of her favorite aphorisms and in her beautiful calligraphy, wrote them artistically throughout a blank journal. That is the origin of the Lessons from the Mountain series. Since then, on my journeys to the top of a mountain to watch the sunrise, I have spent countless hours contemplating words of wisdom from the sages of all races, genders and political persuasions, constantly accumulating the thoughts to guide me on my life path. I hope you enjoy my books. Please let me know your thoughts, as I highly value your feedback!