Even if you hear a bad story about me, understand, there was a time I was good to those people too, but they won’t tell you that.

Even if you hear a bad story about me, understand, there was a time I was good to those people too, but they won’t tell you that.

Do you have people in the world who circulate unfavorable stories about you?

Are they wholly motivated, or are they in part, a factor of their particular circumstances, as relates to you and anything you were doing?

People are quick to cycle unfavorable accounts, regardless of their factual basis. A lie can spread all over the world in the time that it takes the truth to tie up its laces. So when we hear something negative about a third-party, do we immediately assume it to be true, or are we willing to contemplate that there were particular circumstances that precluded that truth from coming out, in the way that it might have, and instead it is being told through the bias of the telling party.

If you want to make a career in Hollywood, this is unquestionably a core lesson for you to assimilate and adopt as your own. Hollywood is rife with all sorts of people who will say anything or do anything to take business away from you, and to leverage whatever opportunity exists to their prime benefit, even if it comes at your personal or professional expense.

When these moments transpire, you have only a couple of options. You might choose to confront the people who are saying disparaging things about you, and inquire as to why they feel compelled to say or do such things, or you can spend chunks of your life defending what other people might have or might be saying about you.

My personal preference is to go about your life and not give it a second thought, regardless of anything that anybody might be saying behind your back.

If there’s one thing that I have learned in my 44 years in Hollywood, it is that people will say or do that which serves their own best interests and very seldom will they ever watch out for yours.

It is just a cold, realistic fact of the entertainment industry. This is not to say that there are not kind people in the industry who will go out of their way to do kind things for you, for I have met hundreds of those in my lifetime, but rather to say, that if you are expecting that everybody is singing your praises behind your back, you are delusional and you are very well served to adjust your frame of reference, and to accept that people are not necessarily as kind, caring, or benevolent as you may expect.

Happy Saturday!

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Written by Brian Weiner
When I was 5 years old, I discovered that the lemon tree in the backyard + dixie cups + water and sugar and I was in business. I have been hooked on that ever since. In 1979, I borrowed $14,000 to create a brand new product... photographic greeting cards with no text on the inside, called Paradise Photography. That was the start of The Illusion Factory. Since then, The Illusion Factory has been entrusted by all of the major studios and broadcasters with the advertising and marketing of over $7 billion in filmed, live, broadcast, gaming, AR, VR and regulated gaming forms of entertainment, generating more than $100 Billion in revenue and 265 awards for creativity and technology for our clients. When I took a break from film school at UCLA to move to Hawaii, my mother did not lecture me. Instead, she took 150 of her favorite aphorisms and in her beautiful calligraphy, wrote them artistically throughout a blank journal. That is the origin of the Lessons from the Mountain series. Since then, on my journeys to the top of a mountain to watch the sunrise, I have spent countless hours contemplating words of wisdom from the sages of all races, genders and political persuasions, constantly accumulating the thoughts to guide me on my life path. I hope you enjoy my books. Please let me know your thoughts, as I highly value your feedback!