Travelers ne’er did lie, though fools at home condemn ’em.

One of the greatest joys of travel is the opportunity to leave the world you inhabit behind and head for territories unknown. Travel enlightens the mind and soul, and delivers personal growth on so many fronts as to make one’s mind spin with delight, confusion, suspense, intrigue, lessons, and if you are lucky, some relaxation as well.

More importantly, when you journey to a world vastly disparate from that which you live within, you are exposed to the new qualities of life that this territory will deliver and that helps us to grow much more quickly than we might ever accomplish staying on home turf.

After you have made several such journeys, you become increasingly aware of how those who stay at home are considerably more different than you. If for no other reason, than you have changed by virtue of your having taken yourself to territories unknown.

I believe a lot of the xenophobia that exists in the world stems from people not taking a portion of their lives to journey to new places with the expectation of learning from other cultures. If they stay at home, they are continuously exposed to the “same old, same old,” syndrome. 

With that lack of exposure to other cultures, comes a potential fear of what those cultures bring to the equation. A lack of understanding of the history of those cultures and how their part of the world has fared over the course of history and humanity’s insane push to dominate and control.

Covid has made us all stir crazy. The opportunity to get back out into the world and start living life again, could not be more atop of everyone’s minds right now.

I hope this weekend delivers you opportunity to get out and enjoy life in fresh new experiences in destinations unknown!

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Written by Brian Weiner
When I was 5 years old, I discovered that the lemon tree in the backyard + dixie cups + water and sugar and I was in business. I have been hooked on that ever since. In 1979, I borrowed $14,000 to create a brand new product... photographic greeting cards with no text on the inside, called Paradise Photography. That was the start of The Illusion Factory. Since then, The Illusion Factory has been entrusted by all of the major studios and broadcasters with the advertising and marketing of over $7 billion in filmed, live, broadcast, gaming, AR, VR and regulated gaming forms of entertainment, generating more than $100 Billion in revenue and 265 awards for creativity and technology for our clients. When I took a break from film school at UCLA to move to Hawaii, my mother did not lecture me. Instead, she took 150 of her favorite aphorisms and in her beautiful calligraphy, wrote them artistically throughout a blank journal. That is the origin of the Lessons from the Mountain series. Since then, on my journeys to the top of a mountain to watch the sunrise, I have spent countless hours contemplating words of wisdom from the sages of all races, genders and political persuasions, constantly accumulating the thoughts to guide me on my life path. I hope you enjoy my books. Please let me know your thoughts, as I highly value your feedback!