We are the same. There is no difference anywhere in the world. People are people. They laugh, cry, feel, and love, and music seems to be the common denomination that brings us all together. Music cuts through all boundaries and goes right to the soul.

We are the same. There is no difference anywhere in the world. People are people. They laugh, cry, feel, and love, and music seems to be the common denomination that brings us all together. Music cuts through all boundaries and goes right to the soul.


What is the magic about music that makes it universal? Why do precise sounds, created with intent and focus create a special experience that transcends language, culture, politics and influence?

Music vibrates the tympanic membrane in our ear, sending signals to our brain, which releases dopamine and other chemicals in the process.

Is the accidental? That question goes down the path of exploring God and creation, so I will not explore that in this musing. Rather, I am curious… Music impacts all living things. Humans, animals and plants. Why would that be? Is that just coincidental?

As we (and every last other thing in life) are made up of vibrational energy on the subatomic level, then perhaps music is a universal code, one that correlates with each of our atomic particles that are vibrating. This is not new age woo woo. Use an electron microscope and go all the way down and you will discover that the electrons in every atom of your body are vibrational waves. They are not little balls like the atomic model that we grew up understanding. They are vibrational waves.

To me, that is the key to the puzzle. If everything in us and around us is vibrating, and music is vibrational energy, I believe there is a direct correlation as to why music cuts through all boundaries and goes right to the soul.

Something deep within is responding to that music in ways that I believe we have no comprehension of at this moment in time. I believe scientists will discover music is the code underneath many of the bigger puzzles in life. It is a key that we are aware works, but we have yet to apply it to all of the proper locks that it may open along the way.

Some of my friends have championed some of the largest music events in history. Those have raised millions of dollars for causes that were of the utmost importance. Were people donating to those causes because of the cause, or because the music event raised their consciousness or because the music moved their souls? Probably all of the above, and then some. 

Would it be smart to hold a concert for all of the elected officials in the United States on a local, state and national level and put them all into a common vibrational frequency? It sounds really good to me in my world of imaginative theories, but in this situation, I have to default to Forrest Gump. “Stupid is, as stupid does.” So concert for the elected, seems an unlikely option.

We are humans, all trying to survive, thrive and gain ground in life. We have preferences both positive and negative. Those drive us to make choices that are in some cases, well thought through, and in other cases, not so great. But when the right 86,000 of us get together at Wembley Stadium, we can sing in key, in harmony and all feel that deep sense of joy for being part of that experience. For that brief song, our politics disappear. Our prejudices disappear. Life is all about that melody. It is all about having that amazing joy of connecting with others in ways that are truly inexplicable.

I close today with Paul McCartney doing my all time favorite Beatle’s song in Red Square in Moscow. These are the people in the country that have missiles pointed at all of our cities to potentially destroy us… but they love the music just as much as we do. They and we are THE SAME!!!   When the music plays we are no longer American or Russian, Black or White, Democrat or Republican, a Bruin or a Trojan (well, maybe!)

His ability to bring the crowd into unison is unparalleled, and the joy in experiencing him leading us in this song, at a large stadium ranks in some of the highest experiences I have ever felt. The vibrational energy is incomparable. The resulting joy and elevated awareness is something that can never be described, but will someday be really understood by scientists who may yet use music to be the delivery vehicle for peace on this planet.

Happy Friday!

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Written by Brian Weiner
When I was 5 years old, I discovered that the lemon tree in the backyard + dixie cups + water and sugar and I was in business. I have been hooked on that ever since. In 1979, I borrowed $14,000 to create a brand new product... photographic greeting cards with no text on the inside, called Paradise Photography. That was the start of The Illusion Factory. Since then, The Illusion Factory has been entrusted by all of the major studios and broadcasters with the advertising and marketing of over $7 billion in filmed, live, broadcast, gaming, AR, VR and regulated gaming forms of entertainment, generating more than $100 Billion in revenue and 265 awards for creativity and technology for our clients. When I took a break from film school at UCLA to move to Hawaii, my mother did not lecture me. Instead, she took 150 of her favorite aphorisms and in her beautiful calligraphy, wrote them artistically throughout a blank journal. That is the origin of the Lessons from the Mountain series. Since then, on my journeys to the top of a mountain to watch the sunrise, I have spent countless hours contemplating words of wisdom from the sages of all races, genders and political persuasions, constantly accumulating the thoughts to guide me on my life path. I hope you enjoy my books. Please let me know your thoughts, as I highly value your feedback!